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CIE IGCSE Video Course tuition (0620 / 0971)

The CIE IGCSE video course tuition resource contains tried and tested syllabus specific notes, detailed animated videos, which explain the chemistry theory, and a selection of questions from Papers 1/2 and Papers 3/4.

You will simply need to work through each topic, watching the videos, making summary notes yourself, and learning the detailed notes provided.  

Then, in order to check that you understand the theory, you can try the questions.  The answers are also provided.  You will have chance to answer the questions before the answer appears. 

0620 / 0971 Syllabus Theory

The CIE IGCSE is made up of 14 topics.   You will be sitting 3 papers for this course.

If you are not sure that the video tuition course will suit you, then please try the FREE course preview.    It contains Topic 1 and Topic 2.  You can try working through the videos, notes and questions.   

Get an A*/A!

I am confident that you are going to love this video course and you will quickly realise that chemistry is not the impossible subject that you used to think it was!  Why not set your sights on the top grade?

At £29.99 (KD12) per month, for access to the whole course, this really is unbelievably good value for money.

Please note that you will need to create an account (name, email and password) to view any of the course material below.

Alternatively, you can view all the videos from CIE IGCSE Topic 1 and 2 on our YouTube account.
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Sample video from the CIE IGCSE video package
 Chemistry (0620 / 0971) 
Video  Course

Topic 1 and 2
FREE Course  Preview

What is available in the CIE IGCSE Free Course Preview:

Topic 1 :  The particulate nature of matter
Notes -  Topic 1
Video -  Particles in solids, liquids and gases
Video -  Demonstrating diffusion
Video -  Rate of diffusion
Video -  Diffusion through a porous tube
Video -  Brownian motion
Questions -  Selection of papers 1/2 and papers 3/4

Topic 2 :  Experimental techniques has over 45 minutes of Videos.  Notes and a selection of questions are included.

There is over 1 hour of videos available.  When you have learnt the notes and answered the questions, it will be 2 - 3 hours of work. 

This free material allows you to get an idea of how the course works before signing up to the monthly subscription.

Good luck!

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Chemistry (0620 / 0971)
Video Course

Full Course
£29.99 / month

What is available in the CIE IGCSE  Video Revision Course:

Syllabus specific videos for:
Topic 1  The particulate nature of matter
Topic 2  Experimental techniques
Topic 3  Atoms, elements and compounds
Topic 4  Stoichiometry
Topic 5  Electricity and chemistry
Topic 6  Chemical energetics
Topic 7  Chemical reactions
Topic 8  Acids, bases and salts
Topic 9  The Periodic Table
Topic 10  Metals
Topic 11  Air and water
Topic 12  Sulfur
Topic 13  Carbonates
Topic 14  Organic chemistry

There is a comprehensive set of notes to accompany the videos.

Multiple choice and longer answer past paper questions by topic (from 2012 - 2015)

All you have to do is watch the videos, read and learn the notes, then answer the questions.  

I would recommend that, as you watch the videos, you also make summary notes.

Good luck!

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