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Video Course tuition (currently for CIE, Edexcel IAL & Edexcel GCE)

We at Simply Chemistry are now very pleased to be able to offer video courses.  
This is a brilliant and affordable resource that can be used to support your studies in a number of ways;  
  • To accompany topics being covered in school
  • To go through in advance of topics being covered in school (flipped learning)
  • To support home study students
  • To be used as a resource in addition to other chemistry tuition that you may be receiving.
  • To be used as revision prior to exams.

Flexible learning (whenever,  wherever to suit you)

Some of us are night owls and some of us are early birds!  With video course tuition, you can study your syllabus specific material anywhere and at any time to suit you.  And, unlike with a regular tutor, you can review the theory as many times as you wish.

This year, our 1-to-1 online students have had full access to the video course and all have found it to be an extremely useful resource.  We have noticed that these students are more confident in their tuition, as they can study the theory prior to the lessons, allowing us to go through the topic material more quickly and focus on the more difficult concepts.

Excellent value for money

Video course tuition works out to be about 10 times cheaper than having our 1-to-1 online tuition service.  Our tuition schedule usually runs from September to May.   At 1 lesson per week, this would cost a student approximately £2000.  With the video tuitions, it will cost around £200 or less if the student goes through the material more quickly.  You will still be receiving the same high standard of teaching from an experienced teacher, tutor and examiner.   In each video course, you will have access to the the complete video course, notes and questions by topic with answerswhich work just like a powerpoint.

The videos are recording of my powerpoints which are fully animated and logically ordered.  I think it would be a challenge to find anything on the internet as organised, clear and as highly prepared as my courses.    

Why not give it a go?  Plenty of the material is free of charge, so why not check it out?  We think it's pretty impressive.

Coming soon! Video packages for AQA (7404 / 7405), OCR A (H032 / H432)

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