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OCR A A2 online tuition
Just know that if you're endlessly scrolling through tutors, you're not going to find another one like Nigel. I met him the easter before my final A levels and he proceeded to teach me practically half of my A level course.  He had better resources and notes than my own text book and proceeded to teach me most of the A level course.  A kind hearted, organised, motivating tutor.  I am now wishing I had an excuse to do more lessons!

S.S. (London) (July 2017)

Edexcel A2 (GCE) online tuition
Nigel tutored my daughter for her Chemistry A level and I recommend him highly.  He was extremely knowledgable and professional.  My daughter said he explained topics in a way she understood.  We were grateful for his help.

K.B.  (July 2017)

AQA A2 online tuition
Extremely thorough and knowledgeable. Nigel started teaching my brother after he received a U in the A-Level mock. In a couple of months Nigel had him answering all the questions in school classes. Great accountability too. Nigel sent me emails after each lesson with material covered and my brother's performance, which was v helpful. Only regret is we didn't get him sooner -- recommend you don't leave it till last minute!

B.I. (Truro) (July 2017)

Edexcel IAL AS Video Tuition
"I was able to improve my grade to an A.  Well explained videos, notes up to the point, past paper MCQ's, past paper questions related to the topic.  I believe anyone can get an "A" with Mr. Nigel Straney"

Y (Kuwait) (March 2017)

AQA A2 online tuition
"After having 2 chemistry tutors who were unable to help me achieve a grade beyond a B in chemistry, I am so grateful to have come across Mr Straney's website.  I can now gladly say that I have achieved a high A grade in my Chemistry A-Level all thanks to him.  Mr Straney presents well thought out and organised powerpoints during lessons, along with quality revision notes to refer to afterwards.  I already have and will continue to recommend him to anyone needing chemistry help, as he is excellent at explaining and helping you understand concepts rather than simply memorising facts, which is what I believe made the difference"

A (Liverpool) (Aug 2016)

OCR A A2 online tuition
"Thanks to Nigel, I went from a C at AS to an A overall in chemistry.  He would make sure I understood and remembered the theories well, so I felt really prepared for my exams.  He knew I had the potential to do well, so I am also very grateful for his support and encouragement for me to do well.  Even though he would be strict, it motivated me to work harder and I was glad he put pressure on me"

Kind regards,
S  (Oxford) (Aug 2016) 

CIE IGCSE online tuition
"Hi  Mr Straney, I can't thank you enough for all the hard work you did with Y******* all year.  Thank you for making him love the subject and look forward to the tuition every week.  To tell you the truth I was scared at the beginning of the year and didn't know if Y******* will benefit from the online tuition, but as the weeks went by my confidence grew bigger and bigger.   It is a great privilege to take one on one tuition in the IGCSE's in the comfort of our own home at the time that is convenient with us. Thanks again
And I just wanted to add an amazing teacher as yourself who is passionate about chemistry and rubs this passion onto his students"

S (Kuwait) (Aug 2016)

CIE A2 online tution
"I have benefitted significantly from Mr. Straney's online tuitions.  The set up of the powerpoints allows the student to absorb the information in a way that makes sure the information is never forgotten later.  The questions that follow each subtopic also ensure that the student has an idea of what has been taught to him and he can build up on it later on. Making mistakes on these questions further improved my knowledge and raised my confidence when answering pastpaper questions because it prevented me from making the same mistake again.  Mr. Straney also uses a variety of questions from different exam boards and this makes sure every tiny bit of the syllabus is covered.  Questions of the same idea are present to make sure the student doesn't make the same mistake twice and to also ensure the student grasps a certain concept. The notes are very useful and extremely precise.  They give you an exact idea of what the examiner wants and how to approach questions in a well, orderly manner"

O (Kuwait) (Aug 2016)

CIE AS online tuition
"The online tuition I received from Mr. Straney has by far been the most accommodating and convenient especially when it came to time and avoiding rush hour traffic.  The powerpoints and notes for every topic were of top standards and remarkably easy to understand, reflecting the immense amount of effort and time put into them. The online multiple choice questions were just what I needed to master the art of answering paper 1.  All of my inquiries and doubts were cleared up during lessons and just as effectively during the examination period when tuition had ceased.
Last but not least, I received endless support from Mr. Straney throughout the year, to whom I owe my amazing grade.
Hands down the best tuition experience I have ever had.
Thank you"

R (Kuwait) (August 2016)

CIE IGCSE online tuition
"The tuition I received was always delivered at a high quality, with a tremendous amount of support from both Mr Straney and the resources provided. My questions were always answered thoroughly during tuitions and whenever I needed. The power points, notes and diagrams encompassed the specific details and information needed for me to achieve an A*, which I ultimately did. "

S (Kuwait) (August 2016)

AQA A2 online tuition
"Hi Nigel,
we just wanted to say thank you for all the help and support you have provided during the past 12 months. H**** has really enjoyed and benefitted from these session which has been reflected by his results during the past 12 months. Your sessions have given him confidence and a greater understanding of the subject matter. The quality of your slides is very impressive. Thank you so much.  
Many thanks"
S & A (Evesham) (June 2016)

Edexcel AS online tuition
"I was desperately looking for chemistry tuition on the web, and I stumbled across this website. I was rather surprised that there was such thing as online tuition, I thought it would be completely different but to my surprise it was even more effective than regular tuition. I think that the structure of each lesson was very effective, it still maintained a one to one teaching method. I was given power points, past papers and notes which are very concise and to the point, unlike our text-heavy chemistry textbook. I wouldn't be as confident as I am now with AS chemistry without Mr Straney. I understood each piece of information that he taught because he used really creative and interactive examples that we can all relate to. I don't know how I would of coped without this tuition. So truly, thank you."

F.Y. (Kuwait) (May 2015)

CIE A2 online tuition
"Even though I started online tuitions quite late through the academic year (4 months before my final exam) I am certain to say that Mr Straney has helped me tremendously with the A2 chemistry syllabus. His presentations online are very helpful and they easily help with understanding chemistry, especially because of his visually eye catching diagrams and straightforward information. His teaching methods are excellent in helping you remember the information quickly and helps you understand it without any complications. 
I strongly recommend anyone who finds chemistry challenging to take these online tuitions as it is, in my opinion, just as good as face-to-face tuition. 
During school I was struggling quite a bit with Chemistry, but now after all the online tuitions I have received, I can confidently head to university with a solid background knowledge of chemistry. So for that, I thank you Mr Straney!" 

N. (Kuwait) (May 2015)

Edexcel A2 online tuition
"Mr Nigel is an absolutely amazing tutor; he taught me the whole A2 syllabus, from scratch, in immaculate detail, in 3 months.

He is worth the price he charges, he has notes, PowerPoints, topical past year papers and everything you might need. Lessons are interactive; he doesn't only teach but ask questions throughout to make sure you understand what he is teaching before he moves on. Also, he has questions derived from past year paper for each sub topic, which you will go through after learning the said sub-topic! (I found this particularly useful, as you might think you understand something, but if you don't do the questions, then you'll never know the full extent of what you've understood and whether it’s enough).

This being said, even as someone who has a rather short attention span, I was able to concentrate fully for the full lesson."

I.H. (Malaysia) (June 2015)

Edexcel A2 online tuition
"I have loved our sessions and have definitely come a long way because of them. I felt significantly more confident going into those exams and I was very grateful for the immense support leading up to it. You were very professional and fair about timings and flexible with changes, as well as having a really great way of delivering the content before making sure we actually knew it through the many past paper questions and random quizzes. You are an excellent tutor, and if I have any troubles involving Chemistry in my future studies, you will be the person to call!"

A.N. (U.A.E) (June 2015)

Edexcel A2 online tuition
"At the start of this academic year I struggled with the A2 syllabus at school and was very lucky to have found Mr. Straney as early as I did. He infused a much greater understanding of chemistry in me and taught me a variety of exam techniques that were extremely helpful. His teaching techniques are very logical and comprehensive, as he uses the PowerPoint presentations to get the information across. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any student that is currently doing the A2 chemistry syllabus."

S. (Kuwait) (June 2015)

Edexcel IGCSE online tuition
"I have been having tuition with Nigel for one year and it has been really worthwhile. I would say that the notes that Nigel makes are very concise and easy to follow. It is after this, that I developed an interest in chemistry. The power points used in lessons are also very interactive."

J. (London) (July 2015)

CIE IGCSE online tuition
"Both my sister and I struggled with Chemistry the first year of IGCSEs and were worried about our ability to pass the exams. So when our mom found us a tutor we were grateful but we were sceptical as to whether online tutoring would really work or benefit us. However the experience was fantastic. The lessons were never boring as Mr. Straney is a very lively teacher with an amazing charisma. The topics taught were always relatable and it was very easy to understand. We revised so much and he was always available per email if we had any questions. The lessons were organized and were never wasted or interrupted. Mr. Straney’s notes are also top notch and we relied on them more than our school issued textbook as they were concise and easy to understand. The PowerPoints used during the lessons also made it very easy for me, as a visual learner, to understand the topics. We received back our results and they were extraordinary so thank you very much! I would 100% guarantee a road to success with Mr. Straney."

S & S (Germany) (August 2015)

AQA A2 online tuition
"Nigel has helped my Son to achieve a B grade at A level Chemistry. Prior to this he was only getting D's in previous tests. He needed a B to get into Uni and he has done it. Big big thank you to Nigel he would not have done it without his help. He really inspired my son, beforehand **** was really low said he couldn't do chemistry but Nigel flicked a light on and **** worked with him. If you need a Chemistry tutor Nigel is highly recommended. Regards Karen a very proud Mom"

J (Droitwich, U.K.) (August 2015)

AQA A2 online tuition
"Mr Straney has been a very thorough and competent chemistry tutor. He has been punctual, professional, understanding and easy going at all times. He is very well organised and his flawless approach of providing you with the most up to date notes from mark schemes ensures good examination technique and helps you master the practical skills too. Skype lessons although some may feel they will not work are actually very good and Mr Straney uses an interface with PowerPoints. I achieved an A in A Level Chemistry, a very strong one at that, it goes without saying that I could not have asked for a better chemistry tutor. Therefore, I recommend Mr Straney to you. Good luck.

Thank you very much Mr Straney"

A (London) (August 2015)

Edexcel AS & A2 online tuition
"Dear Nigel, we would like to say a big thank you for helping ****** with his A Level Chemistry. When ****** first started in sixth form and chose Chemistry he found it rather daunting and was falling behind in class. He asked if we could arrange tuition for him. We searched on the internet and liked the sound of your style of teaching. When we mentioned this to ****** he was very reluctant because he wanted face to face tuition and did not think that online tuition would suit him. You offered your first lesson free and we persuaded ****** to try this. After his first lesson with you ****** made up his mind without any hesitation to continue with Chemistry tuition from you; I think he was surprised at how well your online style of teaching suited him. He always seemed to enjoy the online lessons with you and found them very useful. The rest you know. With your help he got an A in his AS Level Chemistry and has just received his result of an A* in his A Level Chemistry. He got his first choice to do his Finance and Business at University College London and is looking forward to starting his course. You are an excellent teacher and we offer our gratitude and our best wishes."

S.D. (Alcester, UK) (August 2015)

CIE AS online tuition
"Mr. Straney has been well known for his outstanding teaching skills ever since he was in Kuwait. The day I found out about his online tuitions I signed up for them immediately without a second thought. I do not regret it a single bit; in fact I am so glad I found out about it. Through these tuitions I was able to improve drastically and hard to believe but I started enjoying chemistry more than any other subject. Through his experience he is able to emphasise the more important parts of the syllabus and helps the students learn the long endless chapters through mnemonics and other learning techniques. Very well prepared and concise presentations with past paper questions after every chapter. Online tuitions have proven to be much more time efficient and slightly more flexible at times, with prices equivalent too, if not cheaper than tuitions with tutors of the same qualifications in Kuwait. From a linguistic standpoint, the words "amazing" and "excellent" show an unfair underestimation of what I think of these tuitions. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for chemistry tuitions to sign up for this."

B.M. (Kuwait)

Edexcel AS online tuition
"I've been taking tuitions from Mr Straney since November and I've definitely improved a lot. The online sessions are amazingly prepared for with a well thought out PowerPoint and supplementary revision notes. The online tuitions are just as good as the face to face if not better! I could only say positive things about Mr Straney's teaching methods, coming up with creative ways of remembering the work and going through lots of past papers thoroughly, preparing me extremely well for my summer exams. I would recommend him to anyone needing help understanding the course. Thank you."

GW (Kuwait)

Edexcel AS online tuition
"Nigel has helped me massively these last couple of months-Chemistry was a real struggle for me before his help. His teaching is always eloquent, meticulous and straightforward. He immediately identified and corrected my weakest points, whilst also maintaining an even pace throughout it all. I truly could not have managed to sit my exam with a relaxed mind without all his help. He gave online tuition a whole new perspective, witnessing that you can get the best tutors regardless of your location. I'm really glad I found him and would strongly recommend him to anyone in search of a Chemistry tutor."

N.K. (Saudi Arabia)

CIE IGCSE online tuition
"It’s always a gamble purchasing anything online, and just months before the IGCSE’s this was going to be crucial…yet it was probably the most rewarding and beneficial tuitions I’ve had till date. We used presentations (which I felt were just as productive as face to face, if not better) alongside Skype to finish the syllabus, and after every single necessary detail had been covered we reinforced the entire course March onwards using past papers until literally the night before the exam. Chemistry had always been a weak point though after the tuitions I’m really feeling confident about the result. Thank you Mr. Nigel!!"

A.H. (Qatar)

Edexcel AS online tuition
"Absolutely fantastic tutor - so glad I have managed to get hold of him for my son so near his AS exams. My son is delighted with him and he has made a big improvement to his understanding of the subject already. Would not hesitate to recommend this tutor in fact I am now going to keep going through to his A Level next year. Wonderful. Thank you"

Mrs. F.W. Southend-on-Sea (U.K.)

AQA AS online tuition
"My daughter had a very shaky start to the chemistry A2 syllabus at school. We were extremely lucky to find Nigel online who took her right back to the beginning in a logical, professional manner. The visual interaction of Skype, interactive whiteboards and PowerPoints has enabled my daughter to grasp concepts tailored to her individual understanding. During revision, when she has had any additional questions, these have been addressed immediately and a set of concise notes been provided written to the appropriate exam board. The support has been first class and I cannot recommend Nigel highly enough."

Mrs. F.H. Stratford-upon-Avon (U.K.)

Edexcel IGCSE online tuition
"Nigel is the online tutor whom we have been looking for. I am very delighted to have Nigel as my daughter's tutor. Initially, I was worried that online lessons would never be as effective as the traditional face-to-face home tuition. As a parent who is result-oriented, I was very concerned about the way the tutor delivers the lessons. However, Nigel has proven that his online lessons is as effective as the traditional way by providing Chemistry notes, giving homeworks and practicing the past exam papers. Through the `platform', both my daughter and Nigel were able to communicate and see each other just like in a classroom. He is very organised and my daughter loves his PowerPoint presentation effects - which shows how much effort he has put in to make the lessons interesting. Simply Chemistry by Nigel Straney is highly recommended. Thank you Nigel."

H.A (United Arab Emirates)

Edexcel IGCSE online tuition
"My daughter found your online tutoring extremely effective. She attended online tuitions for the last 5 months for Chemistry for her IGCSEs. This was the first time she has used online tuitions but found it to be as effective or even more compared to face-to-face tuitions. **** managed to get extremely good grades in her school tests. We have no hesitation in recommending Nigel to any student for his excellent and effective teaching methods."

S. I. (Abu Dhabi)

AQA AS online tuition
"I wanted to thank you so much for tutoring ****. She really benefited from the sessions. While we do not yet know how she has done on the exams, you have given her more confidence. The exam techniques have definitely helped. **** wishes that she were able to have tutoring in her other subjects via the internet. I was wondering whether she can continue having lessons with you in September? Anyway, thank you again for teaching ****. She definitely has a better understanding of Chemistry and has gained much more confidence in her capabilities. Kind regards"

Mrs. L.R. Nottingham (U.K.)

Edexcel IGCSE online tuition
"My daughter was getting stressed with IGCSE revision and we were not sure about online tutoring. Nigel gave us a mock session, and we were impressed and took regular online coaching from him for her final IGCSE. What can I say? **** was confident and found chemistry easy and scored A* in chemistry in her final results which came today. She also changed her options to chemistry for AS levels. These are her words: “mum, I couldn't have done so well without Nigel's help; he is a very good tutor. Thanks to him”. We are looking forward to his help for her AS levels in the coming year, hoping for a place at medical school."
Thank you very much Nigel. "

Mrs. J. Gloucester (U.K.)

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